• 23 Feb, 2020
  • Website, Mobile App

Project Description

Menuz is a website/mobile app solution that allows restaurant diners to serve themselves by entering restaurants
and scanning a QR code to sit at a table and open an application using the QR Code to identify the table and to be
served. The system has all the necessary features to place an order on the table and receive it from the waiter and
pay which facilitates the process of visiting restaurants without The need to wait for the waiter, especially in crowded times.
The following are the system features:

  • The system works on any device that has a browser, including mobile devices, tablets and laptops.
  • The system has the feature to make a request to the tables using the QR CODE.
  • Provides the necessary benefits, from making the order to paying the bill and leaving the restaurant.
  • Designed to run on the Internet and all modern web browsers.

    • 23 Feb, 2020
    • Mobile App

    Project Description

    Fashioned is an e-commerce application targeted at the fashion industry to sell
    and distribute fashion products to customers. The app has the following features:

    • The solution is broken down to a mobile app and a backend server.
    • The mobile app is the place where customers login to purchase and /
      or display products. Suppliers login in the supplier portal.
    • The backend is composed of a user interface for system administration,
      and also a set of web services (APIs) to communicate with the mobile app.
    • The mobile app is delivered for the iOS and Android platforms.
    • Supported in both English and Arabic.
    • Friendly user experience.
    • The solution is integrated with payment gateways including Knet.

    • 09 Mar, 2018
    • Mobile App, Custom

    Project Description

    ReserveIt is a mobile app that allows for making restaurant reservations. The app has the following features:

    • Publish both to Android and iOS.
    • Pretty eye catching graphics in a red-themed interface.
    • Arabic and English support
    • Completely custom from scratch logic for reservations and the rest of the functionality.

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