Programming trouble comes mostly from simple things

So I spent over 40 hours of work on what is supposed to be a simple bug. Google Maps are not rendering when the size of the map canvas is above 768px. You would think that is a trivial thing right? Wrong!

Web applications are simple. After all it is just HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When I started web development I thought the most challenging part for me would be JavaScript and learning functional programming concepts. In practical real applications though, my worst bugs were CSS based bugs.

Java celebrates its 20th anniversary

It is really hard to believe that Java is twenty years old. Java started as the new kid in the block back in 1995 as a one-man project by James Gosling working deep in the bowels of Sun Microsystems.

Ever since its small start, Java has grown to become the world's number one language worldwide with massive libraries, companies, vendors, developers and an entire ecosystem built around it. Just take a look at the numbers at the Tiobe Index and see for yourself how popular this language really is.