Packegati Subscription Management System

Project Description

Packegati is a solution that provides the ability for customers to login to
the system and purchase various subscription products. Subscription products
are pre-packaged solutions for things like internet packages, dental care
packages and so on. The solution has the following features:

  • A backend server that manages the various aspects of the system.
  • An E-commerce website for customers to purchase various products.
  • A mobile app that has a similar functionality to the website.
  • The system is responsible for package subscriptions and a
    custom invitation and commission systems that result from purchasing
    these packages.
  • The system provides ability to manage different areas of
    the business including accounting, party management and more.
  • Designed as a web-based solution that works on modern web-browsers.
    • Skills:

      • Moqui
      • PostgreSQL
      • Java
      • Groovy
      • Javascript
      • HTML
      • CSS